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No New Posts : information :
the rules the guidebook the plot record

the gods and powers the packs

Anything and everything that you need to know about Galador, can be found here; and always remember to brush up on the rules whenever you have the time!

6 0 Oct 7 2013, 01:32 PM
In: The Way We Live
By: Krypt
No New Posts : announcements :
announcments activity checks

Any kind of updates referring to Galador, such as the main plot and certain changes that may need to be discussed with all members, will be placed here. Check often for our random activity checks.

Subforums: activity checks

26 55 Dec 12 2014, 01:42 AM
By: suzybaby01
No New Posts : trading post & goody bags :
goodies essentials suggestions

All information and approval for items and awards.

Subforums: questions & suggestions

6 30 May 29 2014, 12:21 PM
By: Olivia
No New Posts : details :
the stats

Only the specifics wait in here. Please, do take a gander.

6 152 Jun 28 2014, 05:08 PM
By: Ovid
No New Posts : archives :

Mostly old and finished business matters will be moved into this board, things such as IC posts and announcements.

Subforums: out of character, in character

431 2070 Jul 30 2014, 01:24 PM
In: Inviting Shadows to Dinner
By: Shiva

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No New Posts : enlistment :

Think your mystical wolfeh is ready to enter the world of Galador? Then by all means, get to posting their application!

Subforums: creation, concensus

204 183 Jul 18 2015, 01:43 AM
In: Liana K Apotheose
By: Liana
No New Posts : character logs :

Keep track of your charries with your very own booklet. Go ahead, amaze us with some cool templates. Oh, and one log per PERSON!!!!

41 81 May 24 2014, 04:20 AM
In: Willow's character log
By: Willow
No New Posts : development :

Got a juicy plot that you're just dying to unfold, or maybe you wish to stir up a huge bowl of drama? Which ever it is, you can accomplish your goals here. One thread per CHARACTER!!!!

Subforums: pack creation, group creation

83 310 Aug 7 2014, 08:02 PM
In: Insanity is all I've got
By: Olivia
No New Posts : adoptables and auditions :

Don't wish to role play that boring character any more, or do you have some family members needing an owner? Haha, well that's perfectly fine, I'm sure someone else would love to take him or her off your hands... but that's not all this board contains, if there are certain slots needing filling for our main plot available you may find threads here about auditioning.

Subforums: teh puppies

24 32 Jul 30 2014, 01:49 PM
In: Two Hybrid Pups For Adoption!
By: Celeste

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No New Posts : beowulf's tundra :

This area houses all of the packs that roam under Beowulf's influenced land. The main board is Paladin's Temple, while the Sub Boards each house a pack.

As of right now, Beowulf's ancient stone temple that has long been nestled deep inside a glorious forest, is in ruins. Pillars have toppled and stairs have cracked and grown so far apart that reaching the place of prayer is virtually impossible. With it currently being in such a state, the beautiful garden of trees and vegetation that once surrounded the temple in welcoming has now overtaken all that is left.

Subforums: takiah, eudoxia, kyrillos, aikaterine

4 8 Aug 1 2014, 09:51 AM
In: we're not sleeping we...
By: Ovid
No New Posts : freelands :

The northern freelands are very diverse in terrain. There are two sizable mountain ranges, a seemingly eternal frozen lake, and a deceptively barren plain. If one has the knowledge to survive in places like these, they will be just fine. For those that don't, well, you might just become food for other predators.

Subforums: crystalline peaks, froid lake, solitaire plains, caelum alps

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In: ----

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No New Posts : paladin's sahara :

This area houses all of the packs that roam under Paladin's influenced land. The main board is Paladin's Temple, while the Sub Boards each house a pack.

Clearly indicative of the sun god's nature, this land is home to a giant volcano. It is hot, smokey and contains boiling hot lava and magma. Every so often there is the threat of an explosion and lava flow when the temperature rises. Enter at your own risk and tread lightly, for where there is smoke, there is most certainly fire.

Subforums: restos, milieun, siegreichen, galv'hani

1 1 Jan 21 2014, 04:02 PM
In: Airis
No New Posts : freelands :

The freelands to the west are clearly indicative of their god and all of his sun-influenced powers. The lands themselves can be hot,tricky labyrinths to navigate, with only a few sources of liquid relief along the way. Thankfully a large and plentiful oasis awaits those clever enough to find it. The question is now though, how does one get there?

Subforums: gnarl crevice, dragon's throat, drybone desert, the oasis

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No New Posts : callisto's coast :

This area houses all of the packs that roam under Callisto's influenced land. The main board is Callisto's temple, while the sub boards each house a pack.

High above the packlands of the east, is Callisto's temple. It is located atop one of the cliffs. The area is secluded and must be entered through a river that has cut it's way through the black rocks. About a quarter mile of walking will lead you into an area that opens up. The river runs through the center of the area and drops through the floor as a waterfall into the caves of the Narcissus pack. The meeting area is walled by high moss-covered rock walls but is roofless, therefore, a clear view of the sky is always present.

Subforums: zoilus, amara, gennaia, narcissus

16 46 Jul 25 2014, 03:52 PM
By: Quinn
No New Posts : freelands :

Bittersweet is the best adjective to describe the freelands to the east. These lands are home to a dark, death ridden swamp, and a brighter life giving forest. The black lands give off a permanent putrid smell while the alkali forest is lush and gorgeous. Life and death seem to hang in the balance here, depending on which path you choose.

Subforums: the black lands, alkali forest, Stone Lagoon, Obsidian Isle

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No New Posts : herot :

this area houses all of the packs that roam herot.

Herot is a land seperate from the Gods meant to house those that love all three of them equally, but due to recent events this portion of Galador has become home to the wolves that have drawn away from their influence and wish to only delve into a life without their Godly feuds disrupting them at a daily basis.

Subforums: jorrvasker, Ilantra, mysterium, orodrim

4 0 Nov 9 2013, 05:19 PM
In: Xovra
By: Mika
No New Posts : freelands :

The southern freelands are stunning and wondrous lands to behold. The beauty displayed here is almost magical, and pure eye candy for all to see. The beauty here is wild and untamed however, with many secrets waiting for those who are bold enough to come here.

Subforums: vertes marsh, fiore glade, golden flats, forest of demons

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In: ----

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No New Posts : member area :

This place is for Galador's awesome members to kick back. Either you're introducing yourself, needing to request a graphic/create a store, diving into some cool game, or posting your leave- any and all things can be done and found here.

Subforums: greetings, chit-chat, games, graphic studio, writer's corner, see yah

153 600 Aug 1 2014, 05:35 AM
In: Holiday
By: Willow
No New Posts : advertising and affiliating :

This is the only place where you're allowed to advertise. You can also affiliate with us here as well. As of right now, both are open.

Subforums: first time, linking back, affiliates

629 49 May 16 2018, 07:57 AM
In: Order miserly tdlfl no inst...
By: WizliamVeM

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